All of our packages can be fully customised with our Products & Services below to give you that personalised feel you’ve been looking for.


Professional DJs with years of industry experience who are highly organised, approachable and love taking requests


Your Master of Ceremonies (MC) or host is there to ensure your event runs smoothly so that you and your guests can relax and enjoy your event


Our selection of acoustic artists are industry professionals with a large repertoire of music and the ability to learn new songs for your event

Dry Ice

Our dry ice machines produce low lying fog that you can use to dance on clouds or create a dramatic effect for an artistic entrance


Our cold spark fireworks machines replicate the effect of fire fountains, with no hot sparks or explosive material


Create any initials or words and light them up! They are the perfect addition for any wedding, engagement, birthday or corporate event

Confetti Cannon

Confetti cannons shoot confetti to celebrate a party, event, or any occasion. From small handheld cannons to our professional large machines, we can fill venues of any size with confetti

CO2 gun

Handheld guns which can blast white fog plumes for a spectacular eye effect that you and your guests will love


We can design and supply all lighting including up-lighting to colouring the entire venue, fully programmable intelligent lighting and creating any look or mood for your event