1. Payment

A non-refundable deposit of 10% is required by the due date stated in the final quote to confirm any booking. The balance is to be paid 7 days prior to the date of the event or unless an alternative term has been agreed to by Black Cherry Events and the Client.


2. Provision of service

2.1 All Black Cherry Events DJ packages include professional, clean and fully operational audio, lighting, cordless microphone and stylish DJ façade suitable for most venues in Adelaide, however some venues, due to their size may require extra equipment, in which case it will be stated in the final quote.

2.2 As some venue has restrictions on Dry Ice and Fireworks. Approval may be needed prior to booking any of these packages.

3.3 Dry Ice can only be used inside in an enclosed environment and for the most effective use of Dry Ice it is recommended that venue air conditioning is turned off.

2.4 All DJ Services are booked for a total of 5 hours of any function or corporate events and 6 hours for weddings. Any extra time required either before or after the agreed times will be charged at $150 per hour.

2.5 All acoustic bookings are charged as per agreed duration. Any extra require time for acoustic bookings will be charged at $150 per hour / artists.

2.6 All Sax and Bongos are booked for a minimum 3-hour duration. Any extra time will be charged at $150 per hour.

2.7 We require a minimum of 2 hours access directly prior to entertainment start time for set-up and 1.5 hours for pack down after your event which is included in all packages. In cases where this is not possible or early setup is required an extra fee of $85 per hour will be charged which will be reflected on your quote.

2.8 For weddings outside of metro Adelaide (50km from CBD) a travel and/or accommodation fee may apply which will be reflected on your quote.

2.9 Supplier meal – We require that a suitable meal is supplied for any BCE staff who is booked for any event exceeding 4 hours in line with the artists dietary requirements

2.10 Outside events – For any events held outside, suitable arrangements MUST be provided to protect BCE staff from heat or cold / rain.

Heat – An umbrella / Marquee or similar MUST be supplied by the client or venue to both protect BCE staff & equipment. IF suitable shelter is not provided, BCE has the right to refuse any service.

Cold / Rain – Suitable heating and / or shelter MUST be supplied by the client or venue to protect BCE staff & equipment from cold weather or rain. IF suitable shelter is not provided, BCE has the right to refuse any service.


3. Cancellation

3.1 Cancellation made by the client at any time will be accepted, however the 10% deposit will not be refunded.

3.2 COVID 19 – In cases where, due to government restrictions of COVID19 your event can not proceed in any time frame, Black Cherry Events;

– Where possible, will postpone your event to a new available date at no extra charge.

– Will provide a full refund IF we cannot supply suitable entertainment for your event.

– Will not refund a deposit if a suitable entertainment is available for the postponed date but the client chooses to cancel their booking.


4. Agreement

By sending this document Black Cherry Events agrees to uphold our parts of this agreement and by the payment of the 10% deposit the client agrees to the conditions of this agreement.